Campervan Tour Routes in Scotland

Looking for some inspiration for campervan tour routes in Scotland and not know where to start?  We’ve pulled together a number of routes that have proved popular with our customers over the years to help you plan your campervan trip. Take a look at our video taken in the Loch Lomond National Park, through Glencoe and onto Arisaig on the West Coast to get an idea of what your trip might look like.

Touring Scotland in a Campervan

Despite it’s size, Scotland’s landscape offers a wide variety of different scenery compacted into a very small space.  This accessibility makes Scotland an ideal place to tour around in a campervan. Our VW Campervans are only 4.9m in length so similar in size to a regular estate car and are exceptionally easy to drive along Scotland’s remote and narrow single track roads.  It’s important to us that you get the most out of your road trip around Scotland which is why we’ve put together a number of campervan tour routes to help you explore Scotland. Our Four Seasons Campers campervan blog is also another good source of information for tips on planning your campervan holiday in Scotland. 

Our Favourite Campervan Tour Destinations in Scotland

We love ALL of Scotland but confess that we do have our favourites!  Top of my list is the area of Sutherland and in particular Assynt.  The last few years have seen the area get a lot busier due to the successful promotion of the NC500 road route which passes through Sutherland and across the north coast line of Scotland and back down the east to Inverness.  If you are looking for peace and quiet then it might be better to avoid this area in the high summer months of July and August although you will still find quieter areas off the beaten track such as the amazing Sandwood Bay which is accessible via a 4 mile walk.  If you would prefer something a bit closer to the road then you wont go wrong traveling to the Outer Hebrides located off the west coast of Scotland.  Despite their increasing popularity, they still remain one of the most beautiful and peaceful accessible wildernesses in the world with pure white beaches, turquoise clear waters and rolling hills.  Closer to home, you can head either west through mystical and moody Glencoe or to the ancient woodlands of Perthshire and the Aviemore area (home to one of Scotland’s ski resorts).  It’s difficult to choose a favourite place in Scotland as each location has it’s own unique beauty and merits but we’ve put together some suggestions that you should definitely include in your campervan road trip in Scotland: 

Take a look at our favourite destinations in Scotland to include in your campervan tour!

Plan your Campervan Tour Route in Scotland

Touring around in a campervan is all about having the freedom to stop when and where you like however, we do suggest you put a little bit of planning into it in advance if you want things to be totally free from any stresses.  The increasing popularity of Scotland’s ferry service has meant it is essential to book your ferry time if you want to be certain of getting on it.  Likewise, certain campsites get very busy and if you want to definitely camp there then we recommend booking in advance.  Scotland is renowned world wide for its wonderful and unique Outdoor Access code that allows for the freedom to roam, however there are codes of practice that you should still adhere to and you can read more about this, the ferry routes and campsites on our website. 

Plan your road trip around Scotland with our top tips and recommendations