VW Campervans

Looking for VW Campervan Hire Scotland? Our fleet of brand new 2022 and 2020 VW California Ocean and 2021 VW Jobl Kampa Campervans  offer the most luxurious and economical way to tour around Scotland.  If you’re looking for the best VW Campervan Hire Scotland, then look no further!

Key Features in our Four Seasons Campers VW Campervans for hire in Scotland

  • Our VW campervans sleep up to 4 people
  • Pop Top Roof: the rear seat converts to a double bed with the 2nd double bed is located in the pop up roof
  • Gearbox Options: We offer automatic (California Ocean and California Coast) and manual (Jobl) gearboxes
  • Diesel Heating: Can be set to stay on all night ensuring a cosy and comfortable night’s sleep
  • Fuel efficient: Start/stop VW Blue Motion Technology with average of 42mpg  over country roads
  • Integral Satellite Navigation system with DAB + radio (California Ocean and California Coast)
  • DAB + radio & App Connect (Jobl)
  • Twin gas hob 
  • Plenty of Water Storage: 60lt Water (Jobl) and 30lt Water (California)
  • Cooling Facilities: Front Opening Fridge (Jobl) and Top Opening Fridge (California)
  • Charging Points and Sockets: 240v and 12v sockets with USB ports 
  • Iso-fix seats (California Ocean and California Coast)
  • Winter Tyres: November to March
  • All our VW campervans for hire are fully equipped with all essential equipment included in the price

Why we think the VW California Ocean, VW California Coasts and VW Jobl Kampa are the best VW Campervans?

There are lots of VW Campervan hire rental companies in Scotland with lots of different types of VW Campervan conversions.  Whilst all of them may offer short-wheel based campervans for hire, not many of them will offer brand new T6.1 models; fewer still will offer quality conversions; whilst fewer still will also offer VW’s own factory built California Ocean and California Coast Campervan; and even fewer will offer both automatic and manual gearbox options making for a more relaxing drive around Scotland’s narrow and winding roads. 
Above all else we favour quality and performance in a campervan and it is on this criteria that we have chosen the VW California Ocean; VW California Coast and the VW Jobl Kampa to hire out. Our campervans offer luxury accommodation in reliable, comfortable and cosy campervans that are a delight to drive.  If you are planning a road trip holiday then it is essential that your campervan enhances your journey and your holiday! 

VW Campervan Comparison Table

 VW California OceanVW Jobl Kampa
Electric Pop Up Roof
Manual Pop Up Roof
Lights in Pop Up Roof
LPG 2 Gas Hob
LPG Grill
Store for 907 Camping Gaz - 2.75 kg Butane
Sink with Cold Water
Hot Water when hooked up to electrics
Fresh Water Tank30lt60lt
Waste Tank30lt30lt
50lt Compressed Fridge with Ice box
42lt Cool Box
Diesel Space Heater
Passenger Side Sliding Door
Driver Side Sliding Door
Blackout Curtains/Blinds
Pop Up Roof Bed200cm x
200cm x
Converted Rear Seat Bed200cm x
180cm x
Manual Gearbox
Automatic Gearbox
Length 4892cm4892cm
Height (Roof Down)2080cm2080cm
Height (Roof Up) 3280cm3280cm
Diesel Engine150bhp110bhp
Short Wheelbase
Integrated camping table and chairs
USB Ports
240v/12v electric supply and sockets
Mains electric hook up
240V European Socket
Isofix Fittings x 2 in rear bench seat
Child safety net for roof bed
Hanging wardrobe with vanity mirror
Heated Driver and Passenger Seat

                    Campervan Equipment Included in your Hire


What we like in the VW California Ocean

The VW California carries a premium price as it is the only VW Campervan that is factory built made by VW themselves.  It has the following quality features :
  • Quality front cab – this is a luxury car as well as a luxury campervan and you can tell immediately that this is a £60,000 + vehicle
  • Effortless Controls – the electric pop up roof with lighting in the upper bed plus controls for the heating system are top of the range.  The controls offer numerous options for temperature control in both the front and back cab area
  • Abundant storage – the California Ocean has excellent storage compartments including cutlery drawer and hanging wardrobe 
  • Optional Layout of Campervan – the sliding rear seat to allow for various options on layout 

What we like in the VW Jobl Kampa Campervan 

We think the Jobl Kampa campervan is the best VW Campervan conversion out there and despite it being cheaper than the California Ocean, it has some features that are superior:

  • Large watertank – holding 60lt of fresh water, the Jobl is far superior to most other campervans for hire and great for those who enjoy wild camping
  • The 50lt compressed fridge with freezer box offers plenty of space to keep food and drink cold as you tour the wilderness
  • The hot water tap is very convenient for washing dishes – please note that electric hook up is required for this
  • Spacious lounge area – the position of the rear seat creates a large lounge area in the Jobl

VW Campervan Hire Scotland – Videos of our 2 VW Campervans

Which Motorhome Guide for the Jobl Kampa campervan
The Jobl Kampa campervan conversion offers a truly luxury campervan that is comfortable and well laid out.  Please watch the WHICH MOTORHOME GUIDE below to see how it compares to industry standards for VW Campervan Hire Scotland

The Practical Motorhome Volkswagen California Ocean campervan review
The California Ocean campervan conversion offers a truly luxury campervan that is comfortable and well laid out.  Please watch the The Practical Motorhome Volkswagen California Ocean video review guide below to appreciate the abundance of unique features for VW Campervan Hire Scotland

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