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VW Campervan Scotland – Enjoy stunning Scottish scenery on your Campervan Tour 

Take a look at some of our luxury modern VW campervans enjoying Scotland’s  diverse scenery in our VW Campervan Scotland Gallery.  When you hire a new VW campervan in with us, we can help you make the most out of your road trip around Scotland ensuring you embrace a new view each day of your VW campervan road trip.  Whether you are planning a road trip around Scotland’s famous North Coast 500 route or an island hopping holiday around the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Scotland really does have it all. 

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Whilst the scenery outside of our VW campervan is spectacular as you tour around Scotland, the interior is not too bad either! Likened to sitting in British Airways Club world by a BA crew member who hired from us, our VW California Ocean Campervan has a light interior and a side kitchen on the passenger side of the vehicle.  We have two types of VW Campervans available for hire and our VW Jobl Campervan has an equally luxurious feel to it.  With the VW Campervan kitchen on the driver side of the campervan, this VW campervan has a darker interior with marble effect kitchen units and pretty blackout curtains to ensure a great nights sleep even in the long days of summer that we enjoy in Scotland. 

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Why choose a VW Campervan to tour around Scotland?

Thinking about a VW Campervan Scotland holiday but not sure whether it is the right accommodation and transport for you?  Read on to discover why this is the ONLY  type of motorhome or campervan you should tour around the Scottish highlands in!

Our VW Campervan Size

  • VW Camper vans are a great way to travel around Scotland as they are small enough to navigate around Scotland’s small and winding single track roads yet they are spacious enough to seat and sleep up to 4 people. 

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Our VW Campervan Efficiency 

  • VW Campers are also highly fuel efficient and our VW Campervans have start-stop engines to ensure that they do not waste fuel.


Our VW Campervan Environmental Impact 

  • VW Campervans are very ‘green’ compared to other motorhomes and campervans on the road so you can rest assured you are doing your bit for the environment!  All our VW campervans use Ad-blue added to their engines which is a biodegradable urea and water-based liquid additive that processes the gases in a car exhaust system to remove harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.


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