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Driving the North Coast 500 in winter and spring guide

Navigate direct to: Day 1: Getting to the Gorgeous West Coast | Day 2: Ullapool and Sutherland | Day 3: Castles and Legends | Day 4: The North Coast leg | Day 5: Whisky and Wildlife “North Coast 500,” I hear several times on my train journey north. “North Coast 500” I hear again on my return journey back to Glasgow. It’s a snowy day in January and it seems the whole of Scotland is talking about this epic touring route around the north coast Continue reading →

Plan your road trip to Scotland

Top Tips for you to plan your road trip around Scotland Road trip Scotland? If you’re planning a road trip around Scotland, you’ve come to the right place.  Based near Glasgow and Edinburgh in the beautiful Loch Lomond National Park, Four Seasons Campers is ideally located to start your road trip around Scotland.   We are here every step of the way to assist you and can offer your the following support to get you started on planning your road trip Scotland: Advise on where to Continue reading →

7 Day Campervan Tour around Scotland with Teenagers

The key to a happy holiday with teenagers is to get them out into the fresh air and give them loads of exercise and a campervan holiday around Scotland offers just that!  A trip in a campervan to explore a new country is an adventure.  The beauty in this type of holiday is the freedom it brings so make sure you include your teenagers in the process.  Let them have a say in where they want to go by browsing over the maps in advance, Continue reading →