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Planning a road trip to Scotland? If you’re planning a road trip around Scotland, you’ve come to the right place.  Please see below our recommendations and if you are planning to go away in 2022, please also read through our COVID-19 advice here.

Top Tips for a Scottish Road Trip

We’re here every step of the way to assist you and can offer you the following support to get you started on planning your road trip Scotland:

  • Advise on where to go and things to see to get the most out of your holiday. We can suggest places to eat, tours to take and the best places to visit depending on your preferences
  • Advice on the best campsites to best suit your needs. We tend to think that small is beautiful and the majority of our campers agree so our list in tailored to this
  • Advice on safe and responsible Waste Disposal
  • Advice on how to navigate Scotland’s roads safely and with respect to local communities
  • Advice on where to informal camp and best practice when doing so . We have a list of informal camping spots with map co-ordinates which we give only to our customers to help you find that peaceful and secluded spot you are looking for
  • Advise on what to bring depending on time of year for your trip: our incredibly well equipped campervans make packing for your road trip to Scotland.  The weather may be variable but you will always be cosy in our heated insulated campervans.
  • Full detailed campervan handover so you can start your holiday with confidence: for many of our customers, this is the first time they have booked a campervan holiday ; our fully inclusive customer care makes sure you feel supported every step of the way, from planning your road trip, to organising pick up and drop off and talking you through our easy to drive campervans. 
  • The best time of year to visit Scotland for your road trip: any time of year is great for a road trip to Scotland! If you have certain things you want to see or do such as spot otters or puffins, swim in the sea or spy rutting stags, then we can suggest the right time of year to visit to ensure you get the most our of your road trip to Scotland.
  • Advice on how to book your ferry and great routes to take on them
  • Full 24/7 customer support throughout your road trip around Scotland ensuring you can feel relaxed. 
  • Let us advise you on the best and most memorable views you will find on this planet!

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Safe and courteous Driving on your Campervan road trip Scotland

We love being part of the thriving Scottish tourism community however we also feel responsible for its continued success and would ask that you read through information on Safe and Respectful driving around Scotland as well as safe disposal of both grey and black waste. As a responsible hire business we are members of CAMPA, the “Campervan and Motorhome Professional Association” and would ask that all our hirers read the following links on their website to ensure anyone hiring a campervan or driving a campervan around Scotland drives with courtesy and respect.

Informal Camping on your campervan road trip Scotland

Scotland is renowned all over the world for its beautiful wilderness. Informal camping in a campervan or motorhome has different regulations to wild camping (which is camping in a tent) and therefore there is not a right of access to camp anywhere. However, there are a number of informal camping spots where you can enjoy the wilderness and the quietness and wellness that can be found there. If you are looking to have some informal camping nights on your tour and escape the crowds of a campsite, please read more about this on the CAMPA website. The freedom that Scotland is famous for must be respected and understood by campervan and motorhome tourers in order for us to not only respect the local communities around Scotland, but also enable our freedoms to continue. We love informal/wild camping and in order to ensure that we may all continue to enjoy this freedom we ask our campers to follow these simple steps:

Booking Ahead

Many areas in Scotland are now requesting that you stay only in organised campsites or designated overnight parking spots. You should pre-book these pitches with plenty of notice. Please do not park in passing places, verges or on our iconic coastal machair (grassland).

Road Trip Scotland: Four Seasons Campers Tour Routes for Campervans

We would be delighted to assist you in planning your road trip around Scotland when you hire one of our campervans.  Whether you have visited Scotland before or this is your first time travelling to Scotland, we would be delighted to share our tried and tested campervan tour routes. You can take a look at our uploaded tour routes on the website and email us for more detailed tour routes around Scotland which include our suggested ‘informal’ camping spots. 

Booking campsites for your road trip around Scotland

We are delighted to offer our customers up to 30% discounts through our Privilege Membership for Camping and Caravan Club Campsites and Camping in the Forest Campsites.  Our membership gives you access and discounts to over 110 campsites throughout the UK.