Top 10 things to do on the Isle of Mull

Inner Hebrides Calmac Ferry

In the wake of the inner hebrides

Sail the Sound of Mull

There are plenty of incredible sounds on Mull including the yelp of nesting sea eagles and the crashing of the Atlantic rollers as they break through Fingal’s cave on the western sideof the island, but the ‘sound’ of Mull is actually the stretch of water that sits between the mainland and the island and is where every journey to Mull will begin.  With 3 ferry ports along it’s easterly perimeter at Tobermory, Fishnish and Craignure, there are plenty of options on how to get across the water with the sailing from Oban to Craignure offering the most accessible route.  The crossing is an experience in it’s self as you depart Oban with incredible views of McCaigs Tower behind you as you weave your way through yachts and fishing boats surrounding the island of Kerrera. 

Top Tip: Sit on the top open deck of the Calmac ferry and keep your eyes peeled on the ocean for sightings of porpoise playing in the boat’s surf

Eilean Musdile Mull

Investigate Iona

Located off the south west tip of Mull, Iona is best know for being the birth place of Christianity in Scotland and a place of christian pilgrimage to it’s monastery and nunnery which was founded in 563 by the monk  Columba.  This essence of spirituality and peacefulness permeates the island and at only 3 miles long by 1.5 miles wide, it is a fabulous island to explore and rejuvenate the soul!   Walk over to Camas Cuil beach on the west side of the island and enjoy the therapeutic sound of the Atlantic waves as they roll and crash along the expansive sand and pebbled mile long beach .  Climb up the gentle hill path that leads to the south of the island and enjoy the music of the bird life that nests beside the numerous lochans before the path dips down into the hidden beach below.  Make your way back through the grazing sheep on the golf course and meander along the golden sands  on the east side of the island, paddling in the clearest turquoise waters you will ever see.  A painter’s paradise, the colours of Iona with Mull on the horizon are quite surreal.

Top Tip: Take a picnic for the island then stop at The Creel Seafood Bar as you get off the ferry at Fionpphort for some freshly cooked  mussels or lamb and scallop kebabs before you travel back to your campsite

Iona landscape for artists for white beaches

Tranquil Iona

Campsite Uisken Mull campervan scotland

Camping at Uisken Beach on Mull

Climb Ben More

The only island Munro (mountains in Scotland over 3000 ft) outside of Skye, Ben More  delivers on views with the interplay of sea and land stretching far over the Ross of Mull.  With two popular routes up the mountain, the route starting at Dhiseig is only 9.25km and takes between 5 and 6 hours to complete.

Top Tip: Look out for wildlife on the mountain such as Red Deer, Black Grouse and Golden Eagles.  If you’re really lucky, you may even spot a rare Capercaillie. 

Wildlife from the campervan and motorhome

Black Grouse

Bag a Boat Trip to Fingal’s Cave

Located on the island of Staffa which lies to the west of Mull,  Fingal’s cave is famed as one of the world’s most spectacular cave’s and was formed by a Paleocene lava flow.  The sculpted hexangonally jointed basalt pillars which have formed over thousands of years provide natural acoustics for the waves that crash around it.  Visited by hundreds of visitors over the centuries, Romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn who visited in 1829, embraced the cathedral-like atmosphere and was inspired to write his Hebrides overture.

Top Tip – Embrace the unique atmosphere of this natural geological marvel and bring your headphones with some downloaded Mendlessohn

Mull Tobermory and The Mishnish

Take a tipple in Tobermory

Enjoy the delights of Tobermory, the largest town on Mull and take a tour around the Tobermory Distillery which was established in 1798 and is one of the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland.  Producing two distinct single malts, the unpeated Tobermory whisky us ideal for beginners whilst the more robust and smokier Ledaig is a must for whisky lovers. Made famous to the millennial generation by the children’s TV program Ballamory, the rainbow colours of the shops, cafes and holiday flats that surround the bay in this traditional seaport, make Tobermory a memorable place to visit with an abundance of great bars and restaurants.

Top Tip: A visit to Mull is not complete without a visit to The Mishnish which is located on the waterfront of the harbour.  Loved by sailors and musicians, the cosy bar is enchanting with its collection of memorabilia from ship wrecks over the centuries.   Enjoy delicious seafood caught locally by Mull fishermen in the Mishnish or  at Café Fish located further around the bay.

Highland Cow wildlife mull

Highland Cow

Ogle at Otters and Eagles

Mull is a haven for a variety of wildlife on land, sea and in the air. The white-tailed eagle, commonly known as the sea eagle, became extinct in Britain in the early 1900s but were re-introduced on Mull in 1985 and are now commonly sighted around the island.  The fourth largest eagle in the world, the sea eagle is Scotland’s largest bird of prey with a 2.5m wingspan.  ‘Mull Eagle Watch’ runs from April to September and as well as a hide located on the island there are various safari tour operators to help you find them and other wildlife.  The Isle of Mull also has a healthy population of Otters.  Sightings can never be guaranteed of these elusive characters but the Mull Otter Walk will take you to the most likely spots.

Top Tip : Take the long lense camera to ensure you capture the incredible wild life on Mull

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Find a Festival

Mull has a long tradition of hosting spectacular events including the Mull Music Festival, the Mull Rally, the West Highland Yachting Week and the Mull Highland Games. 

Top Tip: Take a look at www. for the calender of events on Mull

Create memories at  Calgary Bay

Located on the north of the island, this sandy beach (one of the few to be found on Mull) looks across the ocean to the inner hebridean islands of Coll and Tiree.  Loved by campers for decades, there is an informal camping area near the road with toilets.

Top Tip :Bring a kite and a picnic and buy a warm cup of tea or coffee from the hut located by the car park.  Bring fire wood for a beach bbq or toast marshmallows as the sun sets! 

Sunset Scotland Calgary Bay Mull

Calgary Bay sunset


Have a Whale of a Time on Mull!

Take one of the many boat trips around The Isle of Mull in search of a variety of sea creatures that enjoy the waters around the island including Minke whale, porpoise, basking shark, common dolphins and orca.  If you don’t fancy going on an island boat trip you are very likely to see basking seals dotted around the island shores. 


Walk back in time through the Standing Stones … and Castles of Mull

There a many locations around Scotland with Standing stones but many of the sites in Mull are unique in that they are often arranged in a small row of between 3 and 5 stones.   Believed to be erected in the Neolithic and Bronze Age,  the standing stone circle at Lochbuie is particularly well preserved.  Nearby the small Episcopal Church consecrated to St Kilda houses a yellow sandstone Celtic cross built into the south wall of the porch.  Unearthed when the foundations of the church were being excavated, the cross is of the simplest and earliest form and may be more than 800 years old. Also worth having a look at is 13th century  Duart Castle which is close to the ferry terminal at Craignure and the seat of the Clan Maclean.

Standing Stones Scotland on Mull

Standing Stones Mull

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