VW Jobl Campervan

Our VW T6 Highline Jobl Camper van 

Perfect for camper van hire Scotland, our VW Jobl Kampa Campervans are a truly luxury camper van and are comfortable and well laid out.  Built on the short wheel based T6 Campervan, we think it is the best campervan conversion out there and offers a great camper van hire experience.  Ideal for couples, families and single travelers, the VW Jobl has a 5-speed manual gearbox and High Line specification delivering DAB radio, Blue tooth and CD player plus USB charging and 3 pin sockets. 

campervan hire Scotland in a VW Jobl

Campervan hire Scotland interior VW Jobl campervan

Campervan hire Scotland bed in VW Jobl

Campervan hire Scotland grill in campervan


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The Jobl Kampa SE comes with all the features and appliances we know you will need as standard ready to go camping.  The beauty of the design is in the detail and these include a longer worktop to give more surface for food preparation; an extra 1/2 window above the worktop making the living area lighter; LED mood lighting and blackout curtains for a great nights sleep! The Jobl Highline trim means the camper comes with just about every toy and gadget you will need with a 2.0TDi 102PS engine and 5 speed manual gearbox. 

VW Campervan Jobl Living Area

  • The living area of the Jobl VW campervan is spacious and versatile.
  • The put away table positions in the centre of the campervan for sociable dining
  • The front passenger seat swivels round to face the rear of the campervan.  


VW Campervan Jobl Kitchen

campervan hire scotland vw jobl kitchen

  • The VW campervan kitchen is located behind the driver seat
  • 50 lt compressed fridge with small freezer/ice compartment
  • Twin gas hob
    • Gas grill
    • Sink with hot and cold water supply . 
    • Hot water is only available when hooked up to electrics at your campsite
    • 60lt fresh water makes this the ideal campervan for wild camping in Scotland 
  • The kitchen comes fully equipped and you can view all equipment by clicking here
  • Kitchen storage consists of:
        • One storage cupboard below the grill and hob holding plates, cutlery and condiments
        • One storage cupboard next to grill holding mugs, glasses, wine glasses, tea and coffee
        • One double storage cupboard below the rear passenger seat holding pots and pans
          and box for groceries