VW Jobl Campervan

Our VW T6 Highline Jobl Camper van 

Perfect for camper van hire Scotland, our VW Jobl Kampa Campervans are a truly luxury camper van that is comfortable and well laid out.  Built on the short wheel based T6 Campervan, we think it is the best campervan conversion out there and offers a great camper van hire experience.  Ideal for couples, families and single travelers, the VW Jobl has a 5-speed manual gearbox and High Line specification delivering DAB radio, Blue tooth and CD player plus USB charging and 3 pin sockets. 

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Camper van hire Scotland

camper van hire Scotland wild camping in Arisaig

Jobl Kampa with pop up roof

Cook up a feast in the kitchen when you rent our vans - camper van hire Scotland

Jobl Campervan kitchen

Looking for camper van hire Scotland? Our Jobl Campervan rear seats convert to double bed

Back campervan seat converts to comfy double bed with storage below

Looking for camper van hire Scotland? Our Jobl Campervan sleeps 4 with pop up roof

Our campervan offers a spacious roof bed

The VW Jobl’s kitchen includes a twin gas hob and grill plus sink with hot and cold water. The 60lt fresh water tank makes this an ideal choice for wild camping in Scotland.





VW Campervan Jobl Living Area


  • The living area of the Jobl VW campervan is spacious and versatile. 
  • The put away table positions in the centre of the campervan for sociable dining
  • The front passenger seat swivels round to face the rear of the campervan.  


VW Campervan Jobl Kitchen

  • The VW campervan kitchen is located behind the driver seat and has the following instillations: 
    • 50 lt compressed fridge with small freezer/ice compartment
    • Twin gas hob
    • Gas grill
    • Sink with hot/cold water supply .  Hot water is only available when hooked up to electrics at your campsite
  • The kitchen comes fully equipped and you can view all equipment by clicking here
  • Kitchen storage consists of:
    • One storage cupboard below the grill and hob holding plates, cutlery and condiments
    • One storage cupboard next to grill holding mugs, glasses, wine glasses, tea and coffee
    • One double storage cupboard below the rear passenger seat holding pots and pans and box for groceries

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VW Campervan Jobl Beds

  • The VW Jobl sleeps up to four people in two double beds:
    • The rear passenger sofa seat converts to a double bed to sleep two adults
    • The rear hinged rising roof pops up to hold a further double bed sitting level with the base of the roof windows to sleep two adults up to 150kg in weight. 
    • The rear hinged rising roof of the campervan is fitted with 3 windows to offer a light and airy living and sleeping space
    •  All campervan windows are fitted with black out curtains to enable a comfortable night sleep during the long day light hours our Scottish summers offer. 
    • The front campervan cab windows can be blacked out using the thermal black out screen provided

 Camper van hire Scotland                               

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VW Campervan Jobl Storage

  • There are several storage compartments in our VW Jobl campervans
    •  The Jobl VW Campervan boot space is accessed through a tailgate door to ensure you keep dry no matter what the Scottish weather throws at you!
      • The boot  accommodates two storage cupboards to the side of the boot space to house the folding camping chairs and table and BBQ plus the gas cylinder.
    • There is a small shelf above the kitchen worktop 
    • Underneath the rear passenger sofa seat there is further storage. 
      • On one side there is space for the two boxes for pots and pans and groceries.
      • On the other side there are two basins with hose and brush and shovel to the rear of the space with an area for your luggage in front. 
      • The storage area for the luggage is 46cm x 50cm x 30cm (height).  
      • If you have ordered the porta loo for your campervan hire then this will go in this area.  
    • The rear boot space of the Jobl campervan has further storage.  The space is divided in two horizontally by the bed which can be raised to give one larger compartment. Your bedding and your own luggage can be easily stored in the rear boot area and the bedding boxes provided unzip to fold flat at bedtime. 
      • With the bed down the storage area above the bed measures  105cm x 55cm x 60cm 
      •  There is an area of 105cm x 55cm x 42cm below the bed. 

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VW Campervan Jobl 2018 Specification

  • LPG grill
  • LPG 2 gas hob
  • 50lt compressed fridge
  • 240v/12v electric supply
  • Mains electric hook up facility
  • Sink with hot and cold water supply*
  • Fresh water tank 60lt
  • Diesel space heating
  • Manual Pop up roof
  • Upper double bed 
  • 2 seater bench bed
  • 102 vhp diesel engine
  • 3 sockets – 2 x 240V*, 12V
  • Passenger side sliding door
  • Av 41mpg with stop-start engine for additional efficiency
  • 5 speed Manual Gearbox
  • Cruise control
  • USB port (powered from car battery when driving)
  • Rear wardrobe for storage of outside chairs and table
  • Manual sliding side door on passenger side
  • Blackout curtains
  • Short Wheelbase
  • Length: 4892 cm
  • Width: 1904 cm
  • Height (Roof Down): 2080 cm
  • Height (Roof Up):3280 cm
  • Store for 907 Camping Gaz – 2.75kg Butane